Solanum tuberosum


Looking for the perfect potatoe.

Sieglinde, Laura and Linda, these three potatoes most frequently end up on German plates. Breeders are, however, always looking for new potato varieties. As the Potsdam researchers. They keep a very close look at the plants. Link:,did=174786.html or
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TROST project poster received price

During the "European Association for Potato Research" (EAPR) in Brussels Dr. Ramona Thieme of the Julias Kühn-Institute won first price for her poster entitled "Wild Species as genetic resources of resistance to Colorado potato beetle (Liptinotarsa decemlineata). Research fellow Katharina Rudack of same institute got second price with her poster "Characterization of starch potatoes grown under drought".


Everyone knows, what a highlight or a mark in a text is. But what is meant by a marker, when it comes to plant breeding, and what does breeders mean by marker assisted selection (MAS)? Karin Koehl from the Max Planck Institute of Molecular Plant Physiology gives out the answers in this "pimp your brain" sequence.